About Us

We’re a small group of writers, editors, analysts, data visualizers, producers and designers that moved across from parent company Stats Perform to create a fan-facing digital destination called The Analyst. But that small group makes up perhaps the largest data-focused sports editorial team on the planet. The result is differentiated storytelling formulated through unprecedented access to the numbers that make up the undercurrent of sport.

In other words: turning stats into stories.

We’re sports data humans who often work with the outputs of sports data machines. The objective is to offer data-driven ideas all of us can understand. Somewhere in the brief history of sports analytics, it became all too common for data to be presented in overbearing fashion that made for arduous reading. Writers and content creators often got caught up in proving something about themselves rather than expressing an idea the masses could grasp. The use of more data doesn’t need to be a lecture. We’d like our work to be compelling enough to attract those innovating in our industry but comprehensible enough for the average sports fan to share in their group chats. No matter who you are, we strive to create a fresh path toward understanding and contextualizing the athletes, teams and leagues you follow. That’s it.

And let us know how we’re doing. If you’d like to reach out about our stories, write us at editors@theanalyst.com. At worst, we’ll read and consider it. More realistically, one of us – humans, not machines – will get back to you.


The individuals behind the site, presented in the most democratic way possible – reverse alphabetical order:

Jonny Whitmore, Senior Data Editor

Ali Tweedale, Football Editor

Matt Sisneros, Graphic Designer

David Segar, Data Journalist

Peter McKeever, Senior Data Viz Editor

Jon Manuel, Data Analyst

Donald Kolakowski, US Editor

Jamie Kemp, Data Journalist

Oliver Hopkins, Managing Editor

Craig Haley, Senior NCAA Football Editor

Trevor Goldstein, NFL Fantasy Writer

Matt Furniss, Senior Editor & Audience Engagement Manager

Robbie Dunne, Data Journalist

Kyle Cunningham-Rhoads, NFL & Golf Predictive Analyst

Jordan Collins, Multimedia Producer

Kevin Chroust, Co-Creator, Editor-in-Chief

Evan Boyd, NCAA Football & Basketball Data Scientist

Ryan Benson, Data Journalist

Graham Bell, Senior Multimedia Producer

Taylor Bechtold, Senior US Editor

Duncan Alexander, Co-Creator