It’s alright. Those days aimlessly walking around the town centre and pretending to keep up with the latest from Casa Amor are coming to an end. The Premier League season returns this weekend and here on The Analyst, we’ve got a new show to get you in the mood. 

Now those of you who remember those heady days of the European Championship (you know, when football almost came home) might have tuned into The Early Kick-Off’, our daily walkthrough of the action. I mean, if you didn’t that’s also perfectly fine. We won’t take it too personally.

What you missed out on though was all the great insights you expect from The Analyst, combined with our win probability model. And you know what – we really enjoyed making it and chatting directly with you in our community. 

So, we made an executive decision. We have decided to bring it back. For the Premier League season.  

It’s just we’ve re-badged it. 

Farewell to ‘The Early Kick-Off‘ – we hardly knew ye. 

And hello to ‘The Analyst Hat Trick’.

If you don’t want to see the high-budget promo video above, here’s a simple and quick breakdown of how YOU can get involved. 

Each gameweek (usually on a Wednesday, but you know, midweek fixtures will vary this), we will post three polls on our Twitter account about the outcome of Premier League fixtures. So that’s probably the first thing you need to do – make sure you are following us on Twitter (although we will helpfully be posting the polls and all sorts on the site as well). 

All of your votes will go in the ‘Analyst Community’ score, which will then take on our super computer, which is very similar to the one we use for our season prediction model so we don’t need to go into the details with you here. Needless to say – it’ll form the ultimate head-to-head. Bigger than the unstoppable force against the immovable object. It’s fan power against AI-driven knowledge.   

It’s not going to be a straight head-to-head though. Oh no, no. You see – some of our contributors on The Analyst think we know our football. So, we will also be offering our insight into each poll, making our own predictions and hoping we can take home those all-important ‘bragging rights’ in the break room.

Anyway, all of these predictions, along with insights into those games and the rest of the weekend’s action too, will be revealed on our flagship show which will air on The Analyst website on Fridays, just in time to kick-start your weekend of Premier League viewing. We’ll be on demand, so need to book an appointed time to view. And we’ll be as brief as possible too.  

We will be posting the first polls of the season tonight (Wednesday 11th) at 5pm UK time on our Twitter account

Get involved and then make sure you catch ‘The Analyst Hat Trick’ on Friday throughout the Premier League season.