Good teams often play second fiddle to great teams in baseball.

And when it comes to greatness, it’s no shock that the 27-time World Series champion New York Yankees come to mind.

But other teams have seized the moment and had a run at a ring themselves – and some are looking to extend their active streaks.

We previously looked back at baseball’s longest playoff droughts. Now let’s explore which teams have the most consecutive playoff appearances in Major League Baseball history.

Most Consecutive MLB Division Titles (Since 1969)

1. Atlanta Braves, 14 (1991-2005)

During Bobby Cox’s first full season back as manager in ’91, the Braves notched 94 wins, nearly reversing their record from the year before. And with one of the best trio of pitchers in league history – Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and John Smoltz – the Braves would go on to win the National League East the next 14 seasons.

2. New York Yankees, 9 (1998-2006)

Unsurprisingly, the Yankees make the list – and all the other ones – beginning with their 114-win season in ’98. Arguably one of the best teams of all time, Derek Jeter’s Yankees remained at the top of the AL East for nine seasons, leaving the Boston Red Sox frustrated in second place year after year. 

3. Los Angeles Dodgers, 8 (2013-2020)

In an ever-fluctuating NL West, the Dodgers claimed eight-straight crowns, including two 100-plus win regular seasons. They were on track to nab their ninth title until their division rivals, the San Francisco Giants, beat them with 107 wins – just more than their 106 – in one of the most exciting races in MLB history.

  • T-4. Atlanta Braves, 6 (2018-2023) *ACTIVE
  • T-4. Philadelphia Phillies, 5 (2007-11)
  • T-4. Cleveland, 5 (1995-99)
  • T-4. Oakland Athletics, 5 (1971-75)

Most Consecutive MLB Playoff Appearances (All-Time)

1. Atlanta Braves, 14 (1991-2005)

Naturally, each season the Braves won the NL East, they also made a postseason appearance. And during those 14 years, Atlanta played in the NLCS eight consecutive times. They had six 100-win seasons, including three in a row from 1997-99 – in an era with Glavine, Maddux, Smoltz and Chipper Jones. Despite their decade-long dominance, the Braves won just a single World Series title in 1995.

2. New York Yankees, 13 (1995-2007)

Even before they had nearly a 10-year streak of consecutive division titles, the Yankees were playoff-bound the previous three seasons. In 1995, Buck Showalter’s last season as skipper, they narrowly lost to the Seattle Mariners in the AL Divisional Series. But under the helm of Joe Torre and with the “Core Four” – Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera – the Yankees won the Fall Classic four times in this era.

  • 3. Los Angeles Dodgers, 11 (2013-23) *ACTIVE
  • T-4. Houston Astros, 7 (2017-23) *ACTIVE
  • T-4. New York Yankees, 6 (2017-22)
  • T-6. Atlanta Braves, 6 (2018-23) *ACTIVE
  • T-6. St. Louis Cardinals, 5 (2011-15)
  • T-6. Philadelphia Phillies, 5 (2007-11)
  • T-6. Cleveland, 5 (1995-99)
  • T-6. Oakland Athletics, 5 (1971-75)
  • T-6. New York Yankees, 5 (1960-64)
  • T-6. New York Yankees, 5 (1949-53)

Most Consecutive World Series Appearances

T-1. New York Yankees, 5 (1960-64)

From 1960-64, the Yankees posted the best records in the American League, easily making their way to the World Series for five consecutive years. In long-time manager Casey Stengel’s final year as skipper, Maris and Mantle’s Yankees narrowly lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the Fall Classic. They took home titles in the next two years, first beating Frank Robinson’s Cincinnati Reds in ’61 and then Willie Mays’ Giants in ’62. But they would fall short of winning the next two years and fail to make the World Series for over a decade.

T-1. New York Yankees, 5 (1949-53)

A mere decade before, Stengel’s Yankees clinched a World Series berth for five straight years (and this was long before the time of the ALCS). And had it not been for Cleveland’s 111 wins in ’54, New York would’ve extended its Fall Classic appearance streak to 10 as it won three more from 1955-58.

  • T-3. New York Yankees, 4 (1998-2001)
  • T-3. New York Yankees, 4 (1955-58)
  • T-3. New York Yankees, 4 (1936-39)
  • T-3. New York Giants, 4 (1921-24)
  • T-7. Oakland Athletics, 3 (1988-90)
  • T-7. New York Yankees, 3 (1976-78)
  • T-7. Oakland Athletics. 3 (1974-74)
  • T-7. Baltimore Orioles, 3 (1969-71)
  • T-7. St. Louis Cardinals, 3 (1942-44)
  • T-7. New York Yankees, 3 (1941-43)
  • T-7. Philadelphia Athletics, 3 (1929-31)
  • T-7. New York Yankees, 3 (1926-28)
  • T-7. New York Yankees, 3 (1921-23)
  • T-7. New York Giants, 3 (1911-13)
  • T-7. Detroit Tigers, 3 (1907-09)
  • T-7. Chicago Cubs, 3 (1906-08)

Most Consecutive World Series Titles

1.     New York Yankees, 5 (1949-53)

Once again, the Yankees make the list of MLB’s longest streaks in the postseason, winning five consecutive World Series titles. With Hall of Famers like Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra and Phil Rizzuto on the team, it’s no shock the Yankees dominated the league for so many years. In those five years, they beat Jackie Robinson’s Brooklyn Dodgers thrice, swept the Philadelphia Phillies, and defeated Mays’ Giants.

2.     New York Yankees, 4 (1936-39)

From 1936-39, the Bronx Bombers won four consecutive World Series – the first team to ever do so. Led by DiMaggio and the home run-hitting Lou Gehrig, the team had three 100-win seasons, defeated the Giants twice, and swept both the Chicago Cubs and the Reds to cap off their historic run.

  • T-3. New York Yankees, 3 (1998-2000)
  • T-3. Oakland Athletics, 3 (1972-74)
  • T-5. Toronto Blue Jays, 2 (1992-93)
  • T-5. New York Yankees, 2 (1977-78)
  • T-5. Cincinnati Reds, 2 (1975-76)
  • T-5. New York Yankees, 2 (1961-62)
  • T-5. Philadelphia Athletics, 2 (1929-30)
  • T-5. New York Yankees, 2 (1927-28)
  • T-5. New York Giants, 2 (1921-22)
  • T-5. Boston Red Sox, 2 (1915-16)
  • T-5. Philadelphia Athletics, 2 (1910-11)
  • T-5. Chicago Cubs, 2 (1907-08)

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