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Premier League Review: Matchday 3

A bumper show awaits you this time around on “The Data Day” Premier League Review: Matchday 3. With so many talking points to choose from, Graham Bell and Matt Furniss needed a special guest to help dive a little deeper into what’s going on at Everton. Luckily Aaron Barton happily obliged us, providing insight on both where Everton are at and what new signing Beto will hope to bring to Goodison Park.

For the rest of our Premier League Review: Matchday 3, Ali Tweedale made his podcast debut as we broke down the ‘The Good, The Bad and The Quirky’ which focused on Raheem Sterling, Pep Guardiola, Unai Emery and a certain game on Tyneside that has forced Ali to re-think his whole footballing outlook.

And to the delight of everyone, The Pauline Quirke Quiz is back. This time in a penalty shootout format where one of the contestants, frankly, let himself down with his geographical knowledge.

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