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Premier League Review: Matchday 1

Welcome to “The Data Day”, Premier League Review: Matchday 1. It’s your chance to catch up with all the latest data-driven storytelling from what has proved to be a pulsating opening weekend to the Premier League season so far.

Graham Bell and Matt Furniss take you through the ‘Talking Point’ of the weekend in our Premier League Review: Matchday 1, which centred around ball in-play time. You might remember that Opta Analyst caused a stir with our ‘Guide to Time Wasting‘ last season but with the Premier League and EFL bringing in new mandates, we’ve run the data to see, even in this short sample size, whether it has made a difference.

In ‘The Good, The Bad and The Quirky’, Matt takes you through the weekend’s action, bringing you facts and stats that you can use to amaze your friends, family and co-workers. And it won’t surprise you to hear that Erling Haaland might just feature in this section.

And there’s still one more game to go in this opening weekend of the season, so we have ‘The Look Ahead’ to focus on Manchester United vs. Wolves.

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