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Opta Quiz No. 2: UEFA Champions League

Welcome back to the Opta Quiz, your chance to take on 10 football teasers that will tackle your knowledge of the beautiful game and give your brain a workout similar to that of John Stones marauding up and down in the Manchester City midfield.

The reason we mention him? Well this time around the Opta Quiz will be asking you 10 questions about the UEFA Champions League. Manchester City completed their treble with victory over Inter thanks to Rodri’s strike, but will you be celebrating like Pep Guardiola this time around?

All the questions and answers for our Champions League quiz are contained within the episode, so whether you are in the car, sat on a train, taking a walk in the countryside, or even just settling down at home, the Opta Quiz can played anywhere and at anytime. You can jot your answers down on a bit of paper, type them in on your phone or just shout them out loud to those around you. 

There’s no prizes at stake, other than personal bragging rights, but you can let us know how you got on in the Opta Quiz, and answer the bonus question, by sending us a message on social media or by email:

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