The Analyst's NFL & College Football Data Day
The Analyst's NFL & College Football Data Day
NFL Week 7 Preview | The Data Day

Six weeks into the NFL season and certain things are becoming clear. The Eagles are soaring. New York hasn’t felt a buzz like this around their NFL teams in years. The Packers are faltering. And there are certain things you cannot predict on a week-by-week basis. As part of our NFL week 7 preview, we are taking the time to look back on the season so far, picking out our MVP’s so far and also the surprising games from the last slate on games.

On top of all that, join Mike Leon and Nicholas McGee as they bring you our NFL week 7 preview looking ahead of the Browns trip to Baltimore, Jacksonville playing host to the resurgent Giants, the Jets hoping to fly against the Broncos and arguably the game of the week in San Francisco as the 49ers welcome the Chiefs, fresh off their disappointment against the Bills. (Note: This episode was recorded before the 49ers acquired Christian McCaffrey from the Carolina Panthers.)

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