The Analyst's NFL & College Football Data Day
The Analyst's NFL & College Football Data Day
NFL Data Day | Week 1 Preview

New for the 2022 season: Join our panel from The Analyst for an NFL 2022 preview. It has been a long wait for the season to start, but game day is finally here!

Host Mike Leon, AI data analyst Kyle Cunningham-Rhoads and NFL writer Nicholas McGee help guide you through the big storylines heading into Week 1 of the NFL season. They will be breaking down six key matchups to watch this week, as well as diving into our advanced data and insights, to bring you up to date on all you need to know before kickoff.

This week, they look at the Buffalo Bills-Los Angeles Rams season opener, the Pittsburgh Steelers new era at QB, whether the Cincinnati Bengals can repeat their playoff run from last season, Tom Brady versus the Dallas Cowboys, Derek Carr and Davante Adams reunited in Vegas, and Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle on Monday Night Football.

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