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Check The Stats
Max Browne | Former USC, PITT QB, now College Football Analyst

Former USC and Pittsburgh quarterback, now college football analyst Max Browne joins host Mike Leon for this episode of ‘Check The Stats’ taking a closer look at how stats have influenced his career both on-and-off the field. They talk about what stats he used as a player to prepare himself for a game, in particular the time he came up against Nick Saban’s Alabama side, and also how he aims to paint a picture for his audiences now behind the microphone.

Max Browne was the former #1 high school quarterback in the country in 2013 out of the Seattle, WA area, winning top honors in the US All-American game. He committed to USC, and after some injury setbacks at USC, transferred to Pitt to finish his college career. Max started games for both the Trojans & Panthers respectively, throwing for 1647 yards, 7 TDs & 4 INTs in his college career in limited action. He is now an analyst on the USC radio network, as well as a color commentator for Stadium & Pac-12 Networks, and he is the host of ‘Pocket Presence w/ Max Browne’ on Pac-12 Insider & available on the Pac-12 Now app.

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