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Episode 13: Heather Marini, UIW and Quarterback U.

Quarterback is considered the most important position in football, and this week, co-hosts Craig Haley and Gary Reasons are talking about them on “FCS Delivered,” episode 13. They welcome in guest Heather Marini, the Brown University QBs coach, and the first female position coach in Division I college football history. She’s mentoring the FCS leader in passing yards per game.

Also, Gary heads to UIW for this week’s “FCS National Awards on Campus,” presented by FedEx Ground. Not only does Gary deliver the National FCS Freshman Player of the Week award to the Cardinals’ Week 8 hero Richard Torres, but it led to a discussion about Quarterback U. in the FCS.

Our co-hosts look forward to this coming weekend’s action across the FCS Nation, including our FedEx Ground Game of the Week. All this part of “FCS Delivered,” episode 13.

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