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Big Summer Transfers

On this week’s episode, Robbie Dunne and Jamie Kemp discuss players who could be on the move to much bigger clubs in the summer. They discuss Robert Navarro’s situation at Real Sociedad and where he might fit in along with Jorgen Strand Larsen and Mika Marmol plus more. They also try to find the best fits for these players given the level they’re currently playing at. 

They also touch on some Segunda players who have caught the eye from Real Oviedo’s two full-backs, Abel Bretones and Viti Rozada, and Alejandro Francés plus podcast favourite, Peru Nolaskoain. 

They also, as ever, have compiled three interesting stats from the weekend’s action that caught the eye. From Girona’s long and fluid build-up for goals to the return of Real Sociedad’s lean and mean defence. They also discuss the emergence of Beñat Prados as a force to be reckoned with in Athletic Club’s midfield.