Now is your chance to work with or against the Opta supercomputer in our Euro 2024 predictor game, the Opta Super Bracket.

Back on 4 June, we revealed the Opta supercomputer’s favourites for Euro 2024, plus our European Championship group-by-group predictions for this summer. Now, ahead of the knockout stage of the tournament, we’ve released our fresh supercomputer predictions for the last 16 and beyond at the Euros in Germany.

These predictions should be able to put you in a good position to play our Opta Super Bracket game, where you can win prizes for predicting the complete knockout stage and select which team you believe will go on to win Euro 2024.

If you successfully predicted the teams to make the last 16 of Euro 2024 and got their positions in each group correctly, then you are still in with a chance to win a grand prize of $500,000 in the Opta Super Bracket. Even if you didn’t, we must have a winner. Accumulate points by making correct decisions and you have the chance to win other huge prizes. If you accumulate more points than anyone else, you could walk away with $10,000.

Euro 2024 Predictor Opta Super Bracket
Click the image above to play the Opta Super Bracket for Euro 2024

Of course, being a football predictor, this is a game of two halves. The first half is now over, where you had to make your decisions in the Opta predictor for the Euro 2024 group stage. You were asked to pick the six teams you think will win each group, the six teams that you believed would end as runners-up in each group and then the four best third-placed teams to make it through to the knockout stage. This left eight teams that you decided would not make it through to the last 16, and therefore eliminated from Euro 2024 at the group stage.

Now that the group stage has ended, this has opened the second half of the game where you have to predict the knockout stage of Euro 2024. You will need to make your bracket picks from the last 16 through to the final, based on which team you believe will win each of the 15 knockout stage games in Germany this summer.

Simple, right? Well, we’ve added an extra layer of complexity to the game by assigning point values to each side based on their chance of progression according to the Opta supercomputer.

For example, the supercomputer has given England a 82% chance of progressing to the quarter-final, so you would earn just 18 points for selecting them to advance to the last eight. Compare that to opponents Slovakia, who are given an 18% chance of making it to the quarters. You would earn 82 points if you were to select them and they beat the Three Lions in the round of 16.

Selecting all the favourites to go through could be the best choice, but you may earn fewer points than other players who have taken a gamble on some of the more unfancied teams on making it through.

Sign up online now and get playing to potentially win the maximum prize of $500,000. 18+ T&C’s apply.

To help you make your decisions in the game, you can find our Euro 2024 predictions and team stats via the links below:

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