Who has the most Premier League assists? Who has assisted the most goals for a single club? Has anyone assisted four goals in a game? We answer all these questions – and more – in our detailed look at assists in the history of the Premier League.

Who Has the Most Premier League Assists?

  1. Ryan Giggs – 162 assists
  2. Kevin De Bruyne – 112 assists
  3. Cesc Fàbregas – 111 assists
  4. Wayne Rooney – 103 assists
  5. Frank Lampard – 102 assists
  6. Dennis Bergkamp – 94 assists
  7. David Silva – 93 assists
  8. Steven Gerrard – 92 assists
  9. James Milner – 89 assists
  10. David Beckham – 80 assists
  11. Christian Eriksen – 75 assists
  12. Teddy Sheringham – 75 assists
  13. Thierry Henry – 74 assists
  14. Andrew Cole – 73 assists
  15. Ashley Young – 71 assists

As a player who has 632 Premier League appearances under his belt, it’s probably unsurprising that Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs tops the list of leading Premier League assisters.

The Welshman provided 162 assists over his Premier League career, which is 50 more than the next best player, Kevin De Bruyne. He lead the charts in terms of non-British players, with his 112th assist coming against Tottenham on 14 May 2024 for Erling Haaland.

Third in the rankings is Cesc Fàbregas who tallied his 111 Premier League assists came across 350 games for Arsenal and Chelsea.

De Bruyne became the fifth player to hit 100 assists in the competition on 8 April 2023 with his cross for Haaland away at Southampton, and the only other current Premier League player near the landmark is James Milner (89). Even Milner would accept that age isn’t on his side to reach the century, though.

The only other three players to reach the century of assists in the Premier League are Wayne Rooney (103) and Frank Lampard (102).

Who Has the Most Premier League Assists for a Single Club?

  1. Ryan Giggs – 162 assists for Manchester United
  2. Kevin De Bruyne – 111 assists for Manchester City
  3. Dennis Bergkamp – 94 assists for Arsenal
  4. David Silva – 93 assists for Manchester City
  5. Wayne Rooney – 93 assists for Manchester United
  6. Steven Gerrard – 92 assists for Liverpool
  7. Frank Lampard – 90 assists for Chelsea
  8. David Beckham – 80 assists for Manchester United
  9. Thierry Henry – 74 assists for Arsenal
  10. Cesc Fàbregas – 70 assists for Arsenal
  11. Darren Anderton – 68 assists for Tottenham Hotspur
  12. Mohamed Salah – 67 assists for Liverpool
  13. Matthew Le Tissier – 63 assists for Southampton
  14. Christian Eriksen – 62 assists for Tottenham Hotspur
  15. Steve McManaman – 58 assists for Liverpool

Of course, as a one-club man during his career, it’s obvious that Giggs’ 162 Premier League assists also leads this category, with only Wayne Rooney (93) and David Beckham (80) appearing in the top 10 for Manchester United. But there are some interesting differences in the rankings.

Bergkamp has assisted the sixth-most goals in Premier League history overall, but his 94 assists all came for Arsenal in the competition. This means his tally is the third-highest for a single club in the competition.

Fàbregas has assisted the third-most goals in the Premier League overall (111), but only 70 of these came at Arsenal, with the other 41 coming in a Chelsea shirt. Steven Gerrard’s 92 Premier League assists all came for Liverpool – with his feats for the Reds meaning he’s one of only 10 players to have assisted 70+ goals exclusively for one club.

Of current Premier League players, only De Bruyne appears in the top 10 with his 111 assists for Man City. His century of Premier League assists at City arrived on 15 April 2023, when Pep Guardiola’s side defeated Leicester City at the Etihad Stadium – the landmark was reached thanks to creating Haaland’s second goal of the match.

His first assist in the competition came in a Chelsea shirt in their win over Hull at Stamford Bridge. This assist for Oscar’s goal was the first goal scored in José Mourinho’s second spell as Blues manager.

Who Has the Most Assists in a Single Premier League Season?

In 2019-20, Kevin De Bruyne finally ended a 17-year wait for someone to equal Thierry Henry’s phenomenal tally of 20 Premier League assists in 2002-03.

Whilst the Belgian’s overall output that season was impressive with 13 goals to add to his 20 assists, it wasn’t as impressive as Henry’s 2002-03 campaign where the French forward added 24 goals to his 20 assists. His 44 goal involvements for the Gunners that season are the most ever seen by a player in a 38-game Premier League campaign.

Most Assists in a Premier League Season

Mesut Özil led the way for assists in 2015-16, with 19 for his Arsenal teammates in 35 top-flight appearances. Sixteen of these came in his first 18 games of that season, with the German international midfielder set to absolutely smash Henry’s previous record of 20, but the final 17 appearances that campaign only yielded three more assists, including one on the final day in a 4-0 win over Aston Villa.

Özil’s 2015-16 tally was two more than he ever managed in a season at La Liga club Real Madrid, with his 17 passes leading to goals in 2010-11 and 2011-12 the best he managed in Spain.

De Bruyne joined this list in 2022-23 – finishing on 16 assists, which was four more than both Mohamed Salah and Leandro Trossard (12).

Who Has the Most Assists in a Premier League Game?

What’s better than a hat-trick of assists? Well, more than three in a game, probably. We’ve only witnessed eight occasions of a player assisting four goals in a single Premier League match, with Jérémy Doku’s four assists (on top of a goal scored) for Man City in their 6-1 win over Bournemouth on 4 November 2023 being the first since Paul Pogba’s quadruple for Man Utd against Leeds United in 2021-22.

The first six occasions between the inaugural 1992-93 season to 2020-21 all came from either an Arsenal player (four) or from someone playing for Spurs (two).

Dennis Bergkamp – Arsenal vs. Leicester City (20 February 1999)
José Antonio Reyes – Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough (14 January 2006)
Cesc Fàbregas – Arsenal vs. Blackburn Rovers (4 October 2009)
Emmanuel Adebayor – Tottenham Hotspur vs. Newcastle United (11 February 2012)
Santi Cazorla – Arsenal vs. Wigan Athletic (14 May 2013)
Harry Kane – Tottenham Hotspur vs. Southampton (20 September 2020)
Paul Pogba – Manchester United vs. Leeds United (14 August 2021)
Jérémy Doku – Manchester City vs. Bournemouth (4 November 2023)

Of the eight players listed above, Doku, Fàbregas, Adebayor and Kane also scored a goal in this match – meaning they were involved in five goals in total in that performance. This isn’t a record for goal involvements in a single game, with both Jürgen Klinsmann (Spurs vs. Wimbledon in May 1998) and Alan Shearer (Newcastle vs. Sheffield Wednesday in September 1999) having six goal involvements in those appearances.

Who Has the Most Premier League Assists Without a Goal?

Bet you didn’t open this article and expect to read about Alan Kimble, did you? Well, you’re here and this is happening. Wikipedia tells us that Kimble “was known to get to the byline and lump the ball upfield to the strikers”. Well, it worked, as he assisted 24 goals in the Premier League for the Dons – that’s a joint-high with Neil Ardley.

Alan Kimble Premier League Wimbledon

Unfortunately for Kimble, his gifts were never reciprocated by his teammates. He never scored a goal in his 181 appearances in the Premier League. This makes him the player to have assisted the most goals in the Premier League without having scored one himself.

Special mentions to both Vladimír Coufal (19 assists) and Kenny Cunningham (16) as well as Rob Jones (11) for also setting up teammates for goals but never being scorers themselves. However, Cunningham scores an extra point for being the outfield player to have played the most Premier League games without ever scoring (335 apps).

Who is the Youngest Player to Assist a Premier League Goal?

Two 16-year-olds have assisted a Premier League goal since it began in 1992.

Rooney may be one of only four players to have assisted over 100 Premier League goals, but he was beaten to the youngest record by Aaron Lennon by 98 days.

Lennon assisted a goal in Leeds United’s defeat to Arsenal at Elland Road in November 2003 while aged just 16 years and 199 days old. This eclipses Rooney’s assist for Everton against Spurs in August 2002 when he was only 16 years, 297 days old.

Youngest Player to Assist a Premier League Goal

Jonathan Leko only ever assisted two goals in his 14 Premier League appearances, but both came as a 17-year-old – one of only 16 players to assist a goal in the competition before their 18th birthday.

Who is the Oldest Player to Assist a Premier League Goal?

We could have given you 100 guesses to correctly get the oldest player to ever assist a goal in the Premier League, and we’re very confident you wouldn’t have picked it right.

Goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar assisted a goal for Manchester United in their February 2011 meeting at Old Trafford with Aston Villa when aged 40 years, 95 days old – the oldest assister for a goal in the history of the competition. This was the Dutchman’s only Premier League assist, coming in his last of 10 seasons as a player in the competition.

On the subject of goalkeepers, Paul Robinson assisted the most goals in the Premier League of all goalkeepers (five), while he was also one of only five to score a goal in the competition, thanks to his 2007 strike against Watford at White Hart Lane.

Fellow former England international Teddy Sheringham is the oldest outfielder to assist a goal in the Premier League, setting up a teammate in West Ham’s game with Wigan back in March 2006 at 39 years, 357 days old – just shy of his 40th birthday.

Oldest Player to Assist a Premier League Goal

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