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How North Dakota State Stacks up in FCS Playoff History

How North Dakota State Stacks up in FCS Playoff History

North Dakota State’s return to the NCAA Division I FCS championship game on Jan. 8 is continuing what is the greatest dynasty run in college football history.

The Bison have captured nine national titles in an 11-season span since 2011 – a first on the NCAA, NAIA and JUCO levels – and will seek to make it (a perfect) 10 against rival South Dakota State in a highly anticipated showdown.

“Never in millions of years when the Bison were going through the Division I transition and were not eligible for the playoffs did anybody think this was even remotely possible. How did they do it? A perfect combination of recruiting the right guys, coaching, some top programs leaving for the FBS and a physical style of play that nobody else could match,” said Jeff Kolpack, a long-time NDSU media member who wrote the definitive book, “Horns Up: Inside the Greatest College Football Dynasty.”

The dynasty was set up in 2010 with two victories and a run to the national quarterfinals in the Bison’s first-ever FCS playoff appearance.

Following is how North Dakota State’s 13 playoff teams stack up with other schools in the 45-year history of the FCS playoffs:

Most FCS Championships

9 – North Dakota State
6 – Georgia Southern
4 – Youngstown State
3 – Appalachian State
2 – Eastern Kentucky, James Madison, Marshall and Montana

Most FCS Championship Game Appearances

10 – North Dakota State (9-0 to date)
8 – Georgia Southern (6-2)
7 – Youngstown State (4-3) and Montana (2-5)
6 – Marshall (2-4)
4 – Eastern Kentucky (2-2), James Madison (2-2) and Delaware (1-3)

Most FCS Playoff Wins

45 – Georgia Southern
44 – North Dakota State
35 – Montana
28 – Youngstown State
26 – Northern Iowa
25 – Delaware

Highest FCS Playoff Winning Percentages

.936 – North Dakota State (44-3)
.793 – Marshall (23-6)
.777 – Youngstown State (28-8)
.776 – Georgia Southern (45-13)
.667 – Sam Houston (24-12) and Boise State (8-4)

Most Consecutive FCS Playoff Appearances

17 – Montana (1993-2009)
14 – New Hampshire (2004-2017)
13 – North Dakota State (2010-Present)
11 – South Dakota State (2012-Present)
10 – Eastern Kentucky (1986-1995)
8 – Appalachian State (2005-12) and James Madison (2014-Present)