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Italian Serie A 2022-23 Season Stats

Italian Serie A 2022-23 Season Stats

Your home for Serie A stats in 2022-23.

The Italian Serie A season is back for 2022-23. Milan are fighting for a second consecutive title following their success in 2021-22, while Internazionale, Juventus, Napoli and Roma look set to be the clubs that will be leading the charge to stop them. Lecce, Monza and Cremonese are the new clubs looking to maintain precious Serie A status.

But who are the leading teams and players by the numbers? Who’s that perennially underrated manager not getting the credit they deserve? Who’s that new signing about to break out?

You can now find out for yourself. This page hosts all the 2022-23 Serie A football stats that you could ever ask for. From simpler metrics such as goals and assists to more advanced ones like Opta‘s expected goals, expected assists, sequences and more, this stat hub has everything you need to jump in and start exploring.